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1st EAN Congress Berlin 2015 – Interactive Programme Planner

Browse through the EAN 2015 programme, plan your personal itinerary or search for dedicated sessions, abstracts or posters.

Plan your personal itinerary!
» By browsing
Explore all available scientific sessions and posters by browsing through the entire programme efficiently and effectively.
» By searching
A fast full-text search that helps you find a keyword within both session title, abstract title and/or abstract body.

Going Further: My Basket, Personal Abstract Book, Calendar Sync, ...

Once you have found what you are looking for, you can save your selections in a number of ways. Just put your found items into your basket (don't worry: you don’t have to pay for anything). Once your items are there, you can login with your data, and create a new local account for the programme planner within seconds, or just pull a permanent cookie for your browser (if you are on your personal computer - strictly not recommended in internet cafes!) Even without logging in, you can get a sync file or URL for your personal calendar, or just download your personal abstract book containing only the items from your basket.

EAN2015 congress app

EAN goes mobile and launched the EAN2015 congress app, available for Android and Apple devices.

Download the app on Google play or in iTunes, free of charge.